Thursday, September 4, 2014


Just a quick update- I know a lot of you have been asking what is going on and I thought it would be easiest to answer in one giant update.

First of all, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I had hundreds of people praying for me this week. I absolutely know without any doubt that your prayers were heard. I can't express how peaceful I feel. I have moments where panic starts to tighten it's hands around my neck, but all I have to do is pray. To whisper the name of Jesus. And the grip of fear loosens. Your prayers and encouragement have made all the difference. I would thank you all individually for the cards and kind messages, but there are so many of you that I don't have the time as of now with everything else going on to properly thank you. But know that I appreciate you all so very much.

Though I was really hopeful that I would go in and they would say the cancer had vanished, that was not to be. The cancer is early stage. It is small. But it is in an inconvenient spot. Meaning that a simple just-take-out-the-cancer-surgery is not a great option. I have had a lot of thinking and a lot of what-ifs going on in my head. But I feel like today I landed in a peaceful place. I still have some questions. I still have some concerns. I have an appointment today that should answer those. I am looking at a fairly extensive surgery in about three weeks (should know a specific date by week's end). Praying friends, I invite you in to this season of my life. Please continue to pray. Specifically, I want you to pray for the following:

- After the cancer is removed, the surgeon will be able to better assess it's behavior and will be able to tell if it is invasive cancer or not. At this time, they do not believe it is invasive (it is confined to one small area). PLEASE pray that this is reality- that it is confined and not invasive.

- Please pray for my family. My kids still don't know the details. They do know I will be having surgery in a few weeks. I want them insulated from all of this. But I also know there will be some harsh days ahead following the surgery. I won't be able to lift my little one up for several weeks (he constantly says, "mom, take me up" instead of pick me up...which I think is adorable). And I know it will be so so hard to not be able to do my usual mom stuff. Please pray for all of us to adjust and transition well and for all to stay healthy overall so that I have a smooth recovery process.

-Please pray for the surgeon, Dr. Povoski. That he would be guided by the very hands of God as he does his work.

-Please pray that I have opportunities to share my faith and to spread hope as I go through many appointments and such over the next several weeks.

- Please pray for a speedy recovery. I have huge goals and hopes to help others going through what I have gone through. My heart is full of a longing to serve and help others heal and find hope in the Healer.

- Please take some time to worship! Let's all thank God together for the way He is working this to my good.  Despite a cancer diagnosis, I can say, without question that He is a good, good God. He is a loving Father. I could not have made it through this so far without Him and know that His love will carry me through to my new normal. I have never been so devastated and yet simultaneously loved ever before. He is near. He is raising up all of these wonderful helpers and friends and family to pull me through this. Not only will I survive, but I will thrive. I am confident that this next season ahead is going to be incredible. I pray that God will let my life light up- that He will give me new songs to help people heal and see how faithful He is. I want all of this to point to God and for people to reach the conclusion that He not only exists, but that He cares deeply.

If you have a moment, read Psalm 34. It is my testimony.

Thank you all so much for everything and I will keep you posted as time goes on.