Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pre-Surgery Prep and Prayers

Hi All!

Tomorrow is the last surgery for my breast cancer saga. The final chapter! It's finally here! People have been asking what the surgery is for- When I had my double mastectomy back in October, they placed tissue expanders (think rigid water balloons with metal ports and hard sides that pinch and rub against the ribcage...) in under my pectoral muscles and slowly inflated them with saline water injections. So tomorrow is when they remove those expanders and put the actual soft, wonderful implants in. It is an outpatient surgery and I will be home later in the evening. Easy peasy. A newly reconstructed chest that's going to look fantastic for yeeeears? If there is one benefit to all of this, that would be it. Thank You, Jesus!!!

From what I hear, it's not nearly as difficult as the surgery I had back in October. I should be back up and running around in no time. Which is a good thing for a busy Mom like me!

People are asking how they can help- I think we are pretty well set, but I would love to have your prayer support. Specifically, you can pray for the following:

- Successful surgery with a quick recovery time! You can pray for my surgeon, Dr. Cabiling, who I consider to be a rock star. He is so, so good at what he does. So blessed to have him as my surgeon.

- The hardest thing during the healing process is to not be able to pick up my little Sawyer. I love picking him up and snuggling with him. Alas, there is a 10 pound weight restriction for a good month or more, and he hasn't weighed 10 pounds for a couple years... He will have plenty of snuggle time with my Mom, who was laid off from her job last week as of Friday. Though unfortunate, the timing is impeccable as she will be a huge, huge help to us over the next few weeks. But be praying for her also- for the next door of employment to open.Prepare the way, Lord!

-I am using this recovery period as a time to intensely seek the Lord and His next steps for our family in regards to many things and would love prayer for guidance. I want to hear from Him before we move forward into our next phase of ministry. I strongly believe that God has some major changes and things ahead for us. I am excited, but want Him to lead. So this seriously could not have come at a better time. Feels like we're on the cusp of something new and something big. It's daunting and exciting and humbling and crazy all at once. I am still writing and working on my book concepts, and will be hopping in to album writing and production soon enough. I hope to write a women's Bible Study on my What If message and launch into that in a couple months. SO MANY THINGS!!! Where last year was full of change, doubt, worry, and loss, this one is going to be marked with TRANSFORMATION, TRUST, WONDER, AND RESTORATION!

- Please pray for my kids and Jarrod. Cohen, my middle, is really in a phase of needing his mommy these days. Please pray for peace for them.

- Joy! I have been writing this word in my journal since October. Joy. Joy. More Joy! Life can get so hard and weird. This year has been the weirdest hardest time for us in so many ways. But we choose JOY! Because these momentary trials...are nothing compared to the glory that awaits us and lives inside of us even now! And we now know that they truly do make us stronger. Pray for our joy to increase (pray that over yourself too!)

You all have been so supportive. So kind. So understanding. So generous. Truly, words fail when I consider a way to say thank you. So know that my heart is full and that you are deeply loved. Let's just praise God together for how He has saved my life on all levels. Without His miraculous intervention, this story could have turned out way differently. But instead, He has grown my character, enlarged my faith, helped me to re-prioritize, given me a heart that forgives and wants to help others, and has placed a new longing for all that He is. He is calling me to greater things. And I am so glad that you're all a part of it.

Much Love and Many Thanks,

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  1. Sweet Carrie :) I'm so happy that this last page is turning! Yes! God's faithfulness has been really something, hasn't it? Know that I am certainly praying for you!..And I'm more than excited to see what all this year holds!

    Love and hugs to you,
    Kate :)